Broadcast Journalism

Broadcast Journalism

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Live Stream Schedule
Live Stream Schedule


2022-2023 Live Stream Schedule

All gyms and the football field will always stream the games; however, below is the
list of events being commentated by the Broadcast Class!





8/30 Softball 3:00/4:00 Ord
9/1 Softball 5:00 Lexington
9/1 Volleyball 5:00 Broken Bow
9/2 Football 7:00 McCook
9/13 Softball 4:00 Triangular
9/15 Softball 5:00 Holdrege
9/19 Softball 5:00 Centura
9/20 Softball 4:00 Triangular
9/22 Volleyball 5:00 Minden
9/23 Football 3:00 Chadron
9/27 Softball 5:00 Hershey
9/27 Volleyball 5:30 Triangular
9/30 Football 7:00 Cozad
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