High School Musical

High School Musical


Kaitlyn Clark

Assistant Directors:

Erin Beavers &  Erin Feather


Musical moved to the Spring of 2021 due to COVID - dates to be announced later.


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The Mystery of Edwin Drood!

Fall 2019 Musical

William Cartwright/The Chairman/Mayor Sepsea Tucker Wyatt
Clive Paget/John Jasper Wes Jinks
Alice Nutting/Edwin Drood/Dick Datchery Mashaela Foster
Deirdre Peregrine/Rosa Bud Madelin Jorgenson
Janet Conover/Helena Landless Eve Healey
Victor Grinstead/Neville Landless Sam Aden
Cedric Moncrieffe/Rev. Septimus Crisparkle Seth Daup
Angela Prysock/Princess Puffer Johanna Foster
Mr. Nick Cricker/Durdles Brody Stieneke
Master Nick Cricker/Deputy Bronson Long
Phillipa Bax/Bazzard Abby Johnson
James Throttle Seth Trumbley
Isabel Yearsley/Wendy Emily Cornwell
Florence Gill/Beatrice Alex Goad
Constance Smithwyck/Flo Arissa Ackerman
Gwendolyn Pynn Chiara Richeson
Violet Balfour Rylee Naprstek
Nicholas Michael/Horace Maverick Macek
Sarah Cook/Nymph Ally Atteberry
Henrietta Sayle/Drood’s Shade Chays Hruza
Montague Pruitt/Jasper’s Shade Callum Ward
Alan Eliot/Client Carsten Graves
Christopher Lyon/Client Mike May
Medford Moss/Client Trenton Peterson
Citizens of Cloisterham Elissa Foley
  Iva Rickertson
  Kara Waskowiak
  Addy Wyatt
  Carson Lewis
  Grace Blake



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