Visual Arts Club

Visual Arts Club

Sponsor:  Samantha Janda


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Visual Arts Club Officers

President: Ally Goad

Vice President: Raegan Jeffries

Secretary: Kara Waskowiak


Southwest Conference Art!







High School Members

Arissa Ackerman
Olivia Bovine
Madison Bryant
Rebecca Crown
Chloe Daharsh
Katelyn DeBoer
Gabriella Dominguez
Bethany Dunphy
Ericka Gerabas
Alexandra Goad
Ashton Harbur
Brianna Herfel
Sydney Houchin
Reagan Jeffries
Taylor Littlewolf
Michael May
Raegan Smith
Gracelyn Walker
Kara Waskowiak

Middle School Members

Lyndsay Anderson
Mavrix Butterfield
Kiarra Jonas
Addison Massin
Brant Miller
Oreana Westbrook


Our Mission

Excellence is an Expectation!

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