Industrial Technology

Industrial Technology

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A lecture and activity based course introducing students to the concepts of technology. The learner will explore resources, processes, management, and products in the content areas of communication, energy, and production technology. Students focus on the practical applications and impacts of...Read more
An activity based hands on course focusing on material processing and management components of manufacturing activity in the fee enterprise economic system. The study of material processing includes the techniques of transforming materials through changing their characteristics, shape,size,...Read more
This course is designed to simulate a workplace environment with students being pushed to practice career readiness skills. The study of product design will lead students through the design phase, prototyping, manufacturing, and marketing of products. Students will be given opportunities to learn...Read more
A lecture and activity based course which will focus on fundamentals of construction including basic construction principles and techniques, basic wiring, basic concrete, planning of projects, choosing and figuring the cost of materials and carrying projects to completion. Additional prerequisite:...Read more
Industrial Technology
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