Elementary News

Elementary News




Community Members - We are excited to have many of you joining us for activities as our fall sports season gets underway.  Please note you will see updated signage in the parking lot when you arrive for activities.  First and foremost, those choosing to park in a handicapped parking space without properly displaying a permit will be ticketed.  Please reserve these spaces for those who need them.

Additionally, you will see several parking spaces that should be reserved for those with limited mobility.  There is no permit required for these spaces, we simply ask that if you need it, you use it.  If you don't need it, please park somewhere else.  Please help us ensure that all those who want to observe our student-athletes are able to safely and comfortably access our facilities.



With school starting and an increased awareness of COVID-19, we felt it was pertinent to remind families of the importance of monitoring your children for symptoms of COVID-19. COVID-19 is present in our community and together, we must be diligent in monitoring for symptoms.  Please click here to see important information and the protocol that will guide readmittance to school (and school activities) when students are ill.  


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