Elementary News

Elementary News


We ask that all students who come to games and activities to please wear a mask.  In order to keep our students and families safe, all junior high and elementary students must sit in the bleachers rather than play or walk around during the game. Students may use the restroom or go to the concession stand during natural breaks in the game or activity (such as quarters or halftime or between sets in volleyball) but must find their way back to the bleachers while the game is in progress.

Students are not allowed to play football or any other games while on school grounds and should not gather outside of the stadium or in the parking lot during the game.  We ask that students attend games to cheer on the Swedes.

We are so thankful we have made it this far into our fall activity season and we are unbelievably proud of our students and staff as they continue to do the right thing to protect in-person learning and our Swede activities.

Thank you,

Adminstration of Gothenburg Public Schools



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