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Celebrating Art Fall Contest has concluded and we are pleased to announce that 47 students were selected to have their artwork published in a hardcover book featuring other young artists throughout the United States. Congratulations! 

2nd Grade: Hannah G., Claire C., Hadley O., Maya V., Ella R., Rori H., Aden S., Hayes L., Jonathan S., and Abigail S. Not pictured: Ashana H., Fletcher G., Molly Z., and Olivia P.

3rd Grade: Aranni M., Ayla R., Tinley R., Scottlynn M., Michelle SIsaac D., Kali W., Evelyn K., Blake B., Alyshia P. 

4th Grade: Kamron H. and Brooklyn M.    Not pictured: Lily F.

5th Grade: Kingston K., Adalyn C., Tessa C., Mariana B., Scout B., Briar J., Amelia H. Not pictured: Callen J.

6th Grade: Kai C., Brodi T., Seynab A., Kaidence W., Aliyah C., Colbie B., Aubrey C., Alivia S. Not pictured: Tyler H.

High School Graphic Design:  Hugo M., Katelyn D., Cameron W.

2nd Grade

3rd Grade

4th Grade

5th Grade

6th Grade



High School Winners


Do you want to help feed or support a GPS student? Check out our Lunch Buddies Program by clicking here or by contacting Joni Jacobsen, Food Service Manager at 308-537-3651.


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