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"A Star-Sudded Evening" will be held on Saturday, February 5th!


Queen Candidates:  Arissa Ackerman, Elissa Foley, Emily Schwanz
King Candidates:  Sean Graff, Michael May, JJ Smith

Class Reps

Junior: Wes Geiken & Paige Hoeke
Sophomore: Trey Stevens & Sophia Aden
Freshmen: Max Wyatt & Madison Cornwell

Spirit Week

Monday - Country vs. Country Club - dress up or down, whatever is your style!
Tuesday - Mom or Dad - dress like your mom or dad!
Wednesday - Hippe vs. Metal - find your inner peace or live on the edge!
Thursday - Work or play? Sleep all day? You decide! - PJs vs. Work Day (school appropriate attire)
Friday - Jersey Day - represent your favorite team by showing off their jersey

Click here for more details on ceremony & dance!

Activities Calendar
Activities Calendar

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